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A Kim Kardashian style photography for a photo booth

When it comes to a Kardashian style photobooth, we at photoboothrentla are experts at achieving the perfect blend of white and black photographs! In addition, guests will have the option of selecting a glamify version, which means smooth skin and a filter-like appearance.

A “Kim Kardashian” style photography for our photobooth heavily relies on black and white

So, when it comes to this “style,” thanks to Kim Kardashian, who, by the way, popularized it. We’ll almost certainly use either a pure white or a sequin silver backdrop. It’s quite simple to pull off, but lighting is crucial. We pull out the “huge photography lighting equipment” if we have less than 80% control of the light, especially when we’re stationed outside. We’d always try to secure an indoors space since it’s easier to manage the light in an indoors setting, and a Kardashian-style booth is usually only black and white. This is a pretty effective style when it comes to formal celebrations!

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