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Affordable idea! Hand drawn (Photo Booth) props

Hand drawn photo booth props – Pretty cool idea, takes a lot of time too!

What a neat idea! We stumbled on this hand-drawn photo booth props.

I just wanted to share that one of our possible clients is planning an upcoming wedding (this Fall 2022) and I came across this cute neat prop design (while most of our crew is either relaxing or asleep for tomorrow’s big party weekend) hehe.

The illustrations have a lot of personalities, which may be exactly what my client is searching for! I bookmarked their page, and if you (yes, you, the reader) wish to place an order, let us know. Unfortunately, their shop of these have all but closed but here in Photo Booth Rent LA, this kind of style is definitely possible!

Read more about the hand drawn “Crazy in love”? Engagement photobooth props by clicking here.

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