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So, have you ever considered hosting a fundraising event, either online or in-person? It’s still as popular as ever!

However, when it comes to physical fundraising, a photo booth may be a unique, clever, and innovative way to get the word out. That’s correct! a photo booth! Particularly, one from!! Okay fine, but hey this is pretty important, read on…

When your visitors receive our photobooth prints, they will see and retain the prints and they’ll get to talk about it with other people and even keep them for as long as they want to! I mean, look.

A photo booth is perfect for a corporate fundraiser event!

We have the capability and personnel here, our photographers will make sure your visitors will not only have fun but also have the enjoyment they deserve. That’s why our open-air photo booth comes with props, guests will have fun PLUS, we can even enhance the photos for them to be able to share them digitally.

Lastly, if your fundraiser has a logo or information, or website, we can re-direct and show this to them after their photo session.

Plus, we can even watermark it on all the images! This is an add-on but if you want us to create a logo for your event, hey, give us a try! (Use this code: LogoDesign) and we’ll come up with something good. Okay, this is all, until next time photo booth rent LA fan! (What? I’m trying my best to SEO here!)

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