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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Let’s get started with the frequently asked questions. The questions we’ve been asked a bunch (if not) a lot of times!  

What is the requirement for your Photobooth set-up?

For our Open Air Photobooth sessions, our basic beginning package requires an area that contains atleast a 10′ by 10 area. Or a standard/typical living room space. Indoors will be better as we can generally control lighting for the photos

To power up our equipment, the photobooth needs power: 110V, 10 amps, 3 prongs standard electrical outlet within 15 feet of our designated area. So to power up our designated space or “booth” set-up/area, we’ll need at least 15 feet. 

Unlike other photo booth rentals, we use a unique system. We can use our own lighting equipment if there is a problem with lighting. Having enough light is important because a fully dark photo booth space may and can result into shoddy image quality (just like our eyes, a camera needs ample light to capture a moment).

How far ahead of time do I need to book the booth?

We recommend making reservations at least one month (30 days) ahead of time. You may, however, phone us at any time to check for availability, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

What happens if it rains during my outside event?

We recommend that our clients also examine the weather forecast. We will request to move indoors if it appears that the day will be rainy. Because certain weather conditions, such as wind, summer heat, and rain, make our photo booth system difficult to use, the majority of our events are held indoors.

How much room would you require for the photobooth?
      1. Passage through gates and doors must be at least 36″ wide.
      2. For our photobooth, a minimum of 10′ by 10′ space is required.
I want idle time, what if I want the booth to be unoccupied for a period of time during the event?

Idle time is available; for additional information, please contact us at [email protected] – Long story short, yes. If you want us to not permit any photos during X period, we will do so. This is equally important when it comes to events such as Weddings or Corporate celebrations where a speech or presentation is usually made.

Where are your photographs, and can I obtain photographs from your events?

So it will usually take us 2-5 business days (sometimes sooner) to enhance and fix up the batch of photos. This is started after the day of your event, we do it as part of our Open-Air photobooth package. If you want the photographs in Raw form, we can send it over to you as well. If you want it instantly, on site, after our photobooth session is complete, we can send it to you via Thumbdrive (this is a faster method too). Contact us at [email protected] if you’d want us to send you event images we’ve taken (including event photography). 

I just want a photo booth for my party, I’m stressed! What is your base service, or how does your base service look like?

• A helpful photobooth host who will set up, tear down, and maintain the photo booth. Guests will be assisted by the host throughout the session.

• Your choice of backdrop color and props for guests to choose and include in their photo booth session! This is finalized at least a week before your event starts. We go back and forth via email/txt or call

• For prints, bespoke sizes are available upon request. The most widely used are vertical prints, we can also do horizontal prints as an upgrade

• Unlimited prints, photo session for two hours (this is the base/standard) most people get the 4-hour sessions with us PhotoboothRentLA.com  

• After the event, your guests will have prints of their photos. They can take it home, and we can also send you the digital copies of the event! Let’s do this, heck yeah!

Is it possible for me to personalize or design your booth to some extent?

Clients are encouraged to choose from a variety of themed backdrops (we will mostly have sequin types available too). Clients will be able to request the design of the photo print template and add their own ideas to it, such as Company Logo, Name of the Event and more. By request, custom graphics and backdrops are available as upgrades.

How many different backdrops does Photoboothtrentla.com offer?

If you can’t find a background you like, we can purchase one from our supplier or look for one that is the closest match to what you’ve recommended. Finding a one-of-a-kind backdrop is an add-on. Custom back drops with 3D writing and design are also add-on options, which we will discuss with you during the design phase (the client).

What can I put on the prints, can I put my name on it or the event’s title?

Yes, for example, we will need the Title of your event and a Subtitle. Kevin’s 27th Birthday (as the title) then LA Convention Center (as a subtitle) if you need some ideas, no worries! As photographers, we can also design and give great ideas for the photo prints. You’re in good hands with PhotoboothRentLA.com

Is there a need for electricity or an outlet for the photobooth to work?

Yes, and within 15-20 feet of our specified area, we require a 110V, 10 amps, 3 pronged standard electrical outlet(s).

What if I want to prolong the photobooth session beyond the amount of time I had requested?

We encourage hour extensions; however, if you need to extend your time during the event, please notify us on-site. We can extend our stay for an additional $100.00 per hour.

Is it necessary for me to know how to operate the photo booth?

Our photobooth host is focused to guiding guests in using the booth and ensuring that they have a pleasant and easy time doing so.

What if you run out of prints? Or what if things break down in your photo booth?

With moving parts, machine malfunctions are unavoidable, but we do our best to ensure that we have enough prints for your event. Unlimited printing does not necessarily imply that we can print photos indefinitely or to infinity! If a certain group makes an impossible request, such as printing 100 prints for just 5 people, we will be wary and ask kindly. We do love taking photos! However, we have to keep in mind of the other guests/groups who also want photos. And as for equipment breaking down, our photobooth set-up is highly customized and we make sure we use equipment that is good on the spot!

What is the role of the Photobooth Photographer or Attendant?

The photobooth host(s) from PhotoboothRentLA.com (and affiliated photobooth rental associations) are trained to ensure that your visitors have the most enjoyable experience possible. The host will be dressed appropriately for the occasion. The host is actually a trained and qualified photographer!

Is it possible for my children to operate the Photobooth?

Children are not allowed to operate the booth. We can take photos for them and when taking photos in the photobooth, we ask that youngsters be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Can I use my own design or logo for my business, or must I have the prints designed by you?

We can create the prints while also incorporating your company’s logo (logo for example). A custom logo design from scratch is available as an add-on. As we are photographers, we are also artists! And we know how to design graphics

How do you handle cancellations?

The retainer paid is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Until a payment is received, no date is reserved.

End of FAQ

Thank you, thank you!!! Phew, that was a heck of a write here! If you spot something that needs clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us! See you space cowboys and space cowgirls!

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