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PhotoBoothRental in Calabasas, California!

With OUR readily available and reasonably priced party rentals, PhotoBoothRentLA elevates gatherings to a whole new level.

These include DJs for parties, inflatables, outdoor photo booths, mirror selfie picture booths, and more. In West Hills, Calabasas, Toluca Lake, Shadow Hills, and other neighborhoods around Los Angeles and the Greater Los Angeles area, we wrap up your events!

This is a pretty short entry and there’s nothing really much to say here only that if you’re planning to put up a photo or photography booth for your upcoming party, just make sure that the space where it will be has ample lighting. This is what we come across from time to time and although we do bring our own lighting equipment, additional lighting never hurts! So, lesson here is… Lighting is key for photobooths! REAL photography with Photo Booths!

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