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Etage banquet hall is a great venue!

We had to identify numerous criteria when our photographers were given a large project that involved hosting and maintaining our photo booth at a lavish banquet hall.

  1. Does the venue have ample lighting?
  2. Will the photo booth have space?
  3. Will the venue have accessible unloading and loading areas?
  4. Who is the manager, are there any specifics that we need to know before establishing our photobooth?
  5. What does our customer want and need in order to achieve the objectives of their event?

Only a select few banquet venues are able to deliver and provide our photography equipment in a way that maximizes its effectiveness for both photography and the photo booth. And Etage banquet hall is also one of a kind!

View our video of a recent event that took place in Etage Banquet Hall below! You may also visit their website by tapping here.

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