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The updated Los Angeles (city council) districts!

Great important factoid here: congressional districts aren’t created by politicians, but rather by an apolitical group of people who draw them to be competitive! However, local cities (areas) in California, particularly Los Angeles, have the ability to define their own limits! To learn more, go to and click on the following link: Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Map.

District map of Los Angeles City council, this helps us zone our photo booth service when it comes to event specific rentals

What is the connection between this and photo booth rental in Los Angeles? Well! Districts are crucial components Southern California’s structure! We won’t be able to quantify our spreadsheets when it comes to accounting without it, and whether we like it or not, we still need such organization and degree of detail to assist us decide the types of events we can cover. Mission Hills, for example, has a large number of churches. We occasionally provide service for photo booth rentals for baptisms or weddings in this city or part of (Greater) Los Angeles.

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