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Great news websites of Greater Los Angeles Communities

We enjoy covering clients in smaller communities, such as the Greater Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) area AND San Bernardino communities (Cherry Valley, Banning, Beaumont), because we adore event photography! Furthermore, owing to our specialized open-air photo booth equipment, we are able to share our passion for event hosting! Because it’s not like any other booth, we’re able to capture greater quality (while most photobooths use an iPad, yes, really πŸ˜…). All in all, we enjoy entertaining clients in smaller communities throughout the Greater Los Angeles and San Bernardino areas! We’ve included some great websites to remain in contact with the neighborhood, and if you search a little farther, you might even find us, along with our spectacular open-air picture booth.

Guess which community is this pic from 😎

Here are some great websites featuring our beloved small/inner communities/cities: Banning’s official website, and San Fernando Sun

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