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Who are you going to pick? (Superbowl LA Rams or Bengals)

Who do you think will win now that the city of Los Angeles has a new team? What about next year’s Super Bowl, as well as the years 2023, 2024, and beyond? What does all of this have to do with PhotoBoothRentLA? Well, almost nothing, to be precise! But we’re still enthusiastic because it’s set in Los Angeles and takes place over Valentine’s Day weekend!

Jay-Z showing a photo perfect picture of the SoFi stadium pre-game!

Because PhotoBoothRentLA is situated in Los Angeles, we’d have to root for our hometown team, but isn’t it strange that they were once a Los Angeles team (the Rams)? Not at all unusual;, we have no idea what’s going on! The Los Angeles Rams MIGHT get dismantled, and we’ll see if rising star quarterback Joe Burrow can do it. However, we’re almost positive that once the events begin, there will be photo-worthy moments! It’s time to celebrate a few team sports! (And we just ended another photo booth event this Saturday!) This LA Times piece contains additional interesting pre-game images taken in Los Angeles, which you can read and see here.

You can read and view more photos from this awesome article here. And while you’re at it! Why not check our free quotes page and perhaps in the next Superbowl, you can have a photobooth, a Los Angeles, PhotoboothRentLA one!

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