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The Tipsy Bar brings the bar experience to you in the San Fernando Valley!

At the first glance: The bartenders at Tipsy Bar are really accommodating and very pleasant, and their serving table is stylish, neat, modern, and iconic!

The Tipsy Bar – Brought the bar experience to the party!

At a recent Sweet 16 birthday party in Sylmar, California, where our photographer was present, visitors flocked to their tables the entire evening because of their speedy and wholesome bartending service, they were also the highlight of that night!

We particularly admired their professional and elegant presentation. The Tipsy Bar, a latina-owned business you can see has put in a lot of love and effort, is genuinely a terrific mobile bartender experience from their cocktail selection to the way the bartenders handle the beverages!

The night was a huge success! And it was made special by our photo booth service and their on-the-go bartender service.

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