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What the heckin’ is a photobooth anyway?

And why are Photo booths used??

Well for starters, they used to be big boxed vending machines where you put coins and they will regurgitate (the machine) a polaroid photo. However, in this decade (the 2020โ€™s and beyond) the definition of a photo booth or photobooth is changing (and we’re helping make changes!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can rent a photo booth but we’ll have to bring this one!

Our photographers have seen a lot of variations of photo booths, from enclosed, to inflatables, but here we prefer it to be open-air, it’s much more flexible this way and we can also generally attach a working printer.

So during your event (it might be your special wedding day, baby shower, or even graduation), we can then print the photos your guests take with us in that MOMENT!

We’re still wishing for printers to get smaller. So DNP, hollar at us if you manage to make these heavy (a$$) printers lighter!

What photobooth prints look like today

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