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How to make your photo booth pictures better!

Let’s give it to you all straight! So that next time you rent our booth, you can use these tips to make your photos absolutely better!

1 – Use our photo booth props if it’s an unattractive night or if you’re normally like me (very ugly some nights, no worries) and it’s okay to be ugly #humblebrag! Yes, the host booked our photo booth for photos, but with us! Any photo booth set you get with us gives you the opportunity to show off your creativity (or just cover the majority of your face) if you’re more comfortable with that 😋.

Photo Booth props as simple as a wine glass can add more personality to your photobooth photo!
No! Don’t use your hand to cover up! We at PhotoBoothRentLA usually have props that will do that instead! Lol!

2 – Make a group out of it! Yes, going with a group can help you shift attention away from yourself! Who knows, maybe hide behind people or something like that! You won’t be noticed, and the viewer’s gaze will be drawn away from you! We’re mostly kidding.. (This post is part satire..) but photo booth photos may be shot in groups and they are always a ton of fun! This isn’t to suggest that we won’t accept single people or lone persons for photobooth fun! I asked around from our photographers and they say that most people who are asked to take a photo booth session (they ask ones who are standing alone by themselves) usually are too shy to do it and just say no thank you.

Knowing your "angle" for our photobooth photography can help enhance for a more favorable photo result!
Her last name is Booth so we have to include her, but she knows her angles alright!

3 – Last but not the least, with photobooths, be aware of your surroundings! We’ll take the time to photograph you as well if you’d want to let us know your preferred angles. For most of our standard booth packages, we usually always give you (and guests) a countdown before taking the actual pictures!

And I mean, I guess we can use print covers if you really do not like yourself that much.. It’s okay, we’ll use a Glam Filter next time!

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