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Snow, snowfall in Glendale and Sun Valley!

Check this video out! Rare snowfall in Glendale and Sunland Area! I don’t think we can do our photo booth outdoors in this weather!

Weather and photo booth rental

The fact that we have no control over outdoor weather is our main concern about our “photo booth rental” and event photography.

We had to constantly remind our incoming clients of the unpredictable nature of the weather when it… yeah… Basically started snowing in these places.

Yes, we can set up our photo booth service and take pictures of people outside, whether this is in the private backyard of our client or in front of an event, our photographers have completed events in temperatures ranging from the 40s to the 50s (and our cameras still work even in the low 30s!), but that’s not what makes PhotoBoothRentLA special. Our photographers are committed to providing our clients’ guests with the greatest possible photo booth experience, and we have many references available. Check out our Google Page by tapping here or on the button below.

Okay so enough of that spiel (hopefully it keeps future clients searching for a photo booth rental relevant) but severe wind, a ton of rain, or, as in this case, snow, is basically what disqualifies an outdoor photo booth and it happened to happen in Glendale and Sunland (and even some parts of Porter Ranch) out of all the places!!! This weather is crazy, and hey, even right now, as we’re writing this… There’s still snow in a lot of Southern California mountain areas! Snow is a novel sight for many people, but it most certainly does not prevent our activities from taking place! I’m pretty sure we’ll see this again sometime in the next year or two. And thankfully, having inside events is convenient! At the same time, the cold weather does help with not having our equipment overheat too much but that’s never been an issue!

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